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Top 10 Desk Accessories to Make you More Productive

1. An Ergonomic Keyboard

How does an ergonomic keyboard make you more productive? By being shaped, it can reduce the tension in your arms, shoulders and hands. This means that you are likely to spend less time stretching or resting your arms. It will also help you learn to type a bit quicker if you are someone who struggles with speed typing.

A black ergonomic keyboard

2. Desk Timer

If you are working on a big project and need to take regular breaks, a desk timer is the perfect solution to break up your tasks.

Also, if you need a short sharp burst of focus time, this can help you concentrate on one single thing, knowing that you won't get lost in the task and end up spending hours on it.

Round, digital desk timer with large displayed time in the centre

3. Desk Lamp

Without being able to clearly see what you are doing, you could end up straining your eyes to see clearly. If you can't see your notebook or papers clearly, you are increasing the likelihood of making a mistake.

We love this flexible gooseneck lamp which can be placed pretty much anywhere

Gooseneck flexible lamp with a clip at the bottom to attach to a shelf or desk

4. Multi-Functional USB Docking Station

Say goodbye to having dozens of cables running across your desk. This super slick docking station has all the ports you could possibly need. Plug this one into your Mac or laptop and keep it discreetly somewhere so your wires aren't all over the place. Clear desk = clear mind!

A docking station showing multiple ports with all the possible connectors that will fit it

5. Wireless Charging Desk Mat

Protect your desk whilst charging your phone and giving yourself extra mouse mat space. What's not to love about this efficiency machine! It comes with some funky lighting modes too - for you to set to your mood.

A black desk mat with a phone on the left, a keyboard in the middle, and a mouse on the right

6. Desk Whiteboard

Ditch the post-its for this desk whiteboard. It even has a storage compartment within it so you can keep your whiteboard pens and cleaning cloth in there. Jot down your notes straight away without wasting time trying to find you notepad or post-its.

A picture of a desk setup, with the desk whiteboard positioned just in front of the monitor, behind the keyboard

7. Weekly Planner

Ideal for keeping on track of everything that you have coming up that week. Easy to jot things in so you don't forget, and perfect for those of us who love a paper planner. This weekly planner can keep you focused on the current week

A week-to view landscape weekly planner with a few appointments randomly filled in

8. Daily Goal Setter

Spending a few minutes each morning concentrating on what you hope to achieve that day is great for productivity. Knowing your goals, and noting down a positive affirmation is the perfect way to keep you focused and on track. A daily planner for all your goals and targets is just what you need!

A beige moleskin-effect diary with "daily goal setter" imprinted on the front

9. Desk Cup Warmer

Do you get so engrossed in work tasks that your tea gets cold? This USB Cup Warmer will solve that problem, keeping your cuppa nice and warm for much longer. Saves having to make a fresh one!

A white mug with hot tea, sitting on a white oval plate which has a small round button on the front

10. Adjustable Height Desk

Adjustable height desks are fantastic for posture, fitness, and therefore your overall productivity. With a whole range to choose from, we think simple is the best. Make sure it can hold the weight of everything you will be keeping on it (monitors, laptops). Most will have a mechanism to support lifting it up and down so you don't need to be super strong to adjust it.

A white desk with a typical desk setup on it, with two monitors, headphones on a stand, i-pad, keyboard, mouse, mug of coffee and a pen holder

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