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The Admin Wrap takes the privacy of our customers, users and subscribers very seriously. The Admin Wrap has adopted strict guidelines to ensure that privacy and preferences are respected for users and subscribers to our website and services.

The following Privacy Policy details how we gather information through the The Admin Wrap website and web forms, and what data is then used and stored by The Admin Wrap.

What Type of Information Does The Admin Wrap Collect?

Personal information collected by The Admin Wrap may include:

  • Name and e-mail address.

  • Financial account information, such as credit card number and other payment information. Please note, we do not retain credit card information.

We may also collect information about you such as:​

  • If you purchase from The Admin Wrap – what you buy, and how frequently you buy.

The Admin Wrap may collect information when you visit our website. This information includes your internet provider, IP address operating system, mobile/desktop device domain name, web pages requested, dates and times of your visit. This is done via the use of cookies and 3rd party plugins which aid in the tracking of The Admin Wrap website usage. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive by a website to, amongst other things, help us improve our site and your experience. In addition, this site may use targeting or advertising cookies to see which areas and features are popular and to count visits to our site. These cookies are used by third parties such as social networks and advertisers to collect information about your browsing habits and share it with other websites so they can display advertising relevant to you, provide services, and to allow “Like” buttons and “Share” buttons to work. Most browsers allow you to decline cookies (check your browser’s Help menu) but doing so may disable some features on our site, and prevent us from recognising you when you return to our site.

The Admin Wrap may also collect aggregated data that does not personally identify you.

How Does The Admin Wrap Use Information About You?

  • The Admin Wrap may use the information we gather to allow us to process orders, and customer service inquiries.

  • Communicate with you about your orders, purchases, accounts, and requests for information.

  • Provide you with information about products and services we offer (if you agree to receive such information).

The Admin Wrap may use the information gathered to process orders, register you for events and website services. We may need to communicate with you through subscription processes to finalise purchases and this may lead to the request for further information. The Admin Wrap may also send information on new products or events that we feel are relevant.


Does The Admin Wrap Share Personal Data Collected With Third Parties?

Data collected by ES is only shared with third parties in the circumstances detailed in this privacy policy. The Admin Wrap may collect information for advertisers to serve ads targeted to your interests or for conversion tracking.

The Admin Wrap retains the email addresses of those who email The Admin Wrap, those who purchase from The Admin Wrap or those who subscribe to The Admin Wrap. These email addresses are not disclosed or shared with any third parties. With your express permission, we may share occasional marketing messages from third parties.

The Admin Wrap maintains strict guidelines and processes to ensure that your information is secure as it can reasonably be.


What Options Are Available?

The Admin Wrap offers the choice to all users, subscribers and customers to update your personal information and the way that we interact with you. Here is how you can request changes:

  • Follow the opt-out instructions in promotional emails we send you.

  • Contact us via email

If you opt-out of promotional materials and email we may still need to contact you regarding subscription renewals and payment processing.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at:


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