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Karen Roem

Karen is a Microsoft Office trainer, with more than 20 years' experience in delivering some of the most well-received training sessions that I've ever known. 

Her "60 minutes of..." sessions are hugely informative and reasonably priced to cover off all the essentials in Microsoft Office. 

Microsoft Courses

Karen has an ongoing schedule of Power Hours for all the major Microsoft Packages: 

  • Windows Hints and Tips

  • PowerPoint Hints and Tips

  • MS Office Hints and Tips

  • Outlook and Word Hints and Tips

  • Excel Hints and Tips

Reach out directly to Karen before you book, let her know The Admin Wrap sent you, and you'll get a great discount code! 

Other Training

As well as these sessions, Karen hosts her "Further Use" webinars for the slightly more advanced users. She can also host in-person events from your office or hers. 

You can reach out to her directly to discuss any specific requirements that you have. Be sure to let her know The Admin Wrap sent you! 

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