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Secret Santa Gift Guide

Christmas parties are fast approaching, and so is the popular tradition of giving Secret Santa. Here we look at some great gifts that you can buy for your colleagues - all around the typical £5-20 budget limit.

1. Chief Cat Herder

A mug for the office Cat Herder. That one person who seems to be able to get everyone in a room at the same time, deals with 50 different requests while they're not even in the office, and who always knows exactly what is going on.

This mug is available from our friends over at Gifts for Assistants for just £12.99.

2. Video Conference Bingo

Make every video conference a game with this bingo coaster. Maybe get a set for a few people so that you can all play along together on that painful monthly team call. A total snip at just £3.59 so you can throw in some chocolates or a little bottle of gin if your budget stretches to it.


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