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In the week where we saw pubs and bars start to open (yay!), we look at the difference between happiness and well-being.
We are also hearing of plans being made for conferences, hotels reopening, and nearly 1000 trees being planted!

It can only be...The Admin Wrap

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Padstone PA


Named after a construction block which distributes weight, Padstone PA is the support and help your business needs!
Whether it's help with your new business, your established one, or assistance with your personal life (hello holiday 2022 😐), Padstone PA is there to help! Give Nikki a call to see how much she can do for you. 

Worth a Look



  • Everyone's FAVOURITE red-headed brummie Skevi Constantinou dropped a MASSIVE bombshell that there's going to be a PA Way Awards next year and we are so excited that we just might pop 🎈

  • The PA Club have just made a big announcement that they will be hosting their "Future of Work" conference on 11th September. More details as soon as we have them! 

  • The long awaited news that the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire is reopening its doors is finally here! 🎉 If you are looking for somewhere spectacular for a weekend break or team building venue, they are open from 15th July. Yay!

A massive shout out needs to go to Hana Gray from The Office Management Portal. 

For every member who joins the OMP, her company plants a tree  

This week she reached 972 trees! 👏🏼

If you're not already a member, sign up now and let's see if we can get it to 1000 



  • The PA Way just keeps hitting us with fun socials, and the latest one has just been announced for 20th August! It's a sweet treat you're REALLY not going to want to miss 

  • If it's wine tasting you are after, Miss Jones is hosting one on 16th July with the spectacular Berry Bros. Get your wine and enjoy a fabulous night in with Master of Wine, Barbara Drew MW (that's our dream job, right there)

  • The Global PA Association are hosting a free webinar on 23rd July on how to improve your well being and productivity. Get your free ticket here. Did we mention it was free? 

  • Got an event you want to shout about? Let us know!


In this absolutely fascinating Ted Talk from Daniel Kahneman, we look at the difference between happiness and well-being, and distinguishing between experiences and memory. Honestly, it's fascinating

Training and tech

  • If you are fed up with trying to arrange meetings with various people (colleagues, meeting attendees, friends) try Doodle's free appointment scheduling tool. It's so simple, it's brilliant 

  • Executive Secretary has just announced their ExecSecTech conference which is coming at us in September. Register now for their early bird tickets

  • Ever wondered if you can make a poll on WhatsApp? Wonder no more! Yes you can

  • Want to see 49 of your colleagues in one go without going into the office? Now you can, with these new features from Microsoft Teams

That's a Wrap

  • It's the end of an era for Segways, which are ending production next week 😭

  • Ever wondered why crackers have jagged edges? No? Neither have we. But apparently there's a reason

  • Swimming pools aren't open yet, but that's still no excuse to use a fish tank

  • If you are enjoying this newsletter, you can buy me a coffee! (I can't promise that I won't exchange it for wine) 

This newsletter has been brought to you by Padstone PA

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