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This week there's been news of a Royal hire, a painting event happening on Zoom, and live streaming of a PA Awards Ceremony. Plus, find out how we are really feeling as we start to come out of lockdown.

Worth a Read

  • Are you talking to your audience through webinars, rather than from the stage? Read these top tips from Eventopedia on how to keep your audience engaged

  • If you are juggling little people with working at home, find out what parental leave you are still entitled to, in this article from PA Life

  • With some of us now being looked upon to start drawing up plans for a socially-distanced return to work, managing our internal communications is going to be more important than ever according to Eden Scott


  • Nominations are OPEN for the 2020 PA of the Year Awards by SecsintheCity

  • News of Kate Middleton's new Private Secretary emerged this week

  • We're loving the Assistants Together podcast series from Henrietta Barker, especially this one featuring Assistant Queen Jess Gardiner from The Assistant Room

  • More than half of us feel supported by our current company as lockdown starts to lift, according to Michael Page, yet nearly half will be looking to leave in the next 12 months. Yikes!

The Admin Wrap Top Tech


  • The PA Club host regular networking evenings on a Thursday. Conference Care are giving us their advice on 2nd July on how we can schedule awesome virtual meetings and conferences

  • The PA Way launched the COOLEST event - Zoom Painting. Did you get your spot?

  • The Scottish PA Awards are LIVESTREAMING their 2020 PA Awards on 25th June. Cheer on the best of the best, without the sore feet afterwards - we could get used to this! (although we do miss the dressing up just a teeny bit)

  • Ask Alice is taking place TODAY (Friday 19th June) at 12.30, which is a live Q&A with the INCREDIBLE Alice Scutchey - founder of the Canary Wharf PA Club. We love her ❤


  • There are an unbelievable 9 ways to make yourself an e-mail NINJA (apparently deleting them all and starting again isn't one of them...). The PA Way invites Dr Monica Seeley to teach us how to maintain better mental health by dealing with our emails appropriately.

That's a Wrap

  • Find out what Gene Simmons and Andrea Sachs (everyone's favourite fashion PA) have in common with each other 

  • Now we are all bingeing on Netflix, find out which one of your favourite shows had the most-watched finale of all time

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