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Welcome to the very first Admin Wrap newsletter. 
We start this Wrap with news of Global conferences moved online (zoom zoom), podcasts, book launches, and much more...

Executive Secretary LIVE
...from your Living Room - 19-21st June 2020.

Normally selling out around the world, ES LIVE now comes to YOU. With TOP speakers - the likes of Laura Schwartz - Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed; Training QUEEN Heather Baker from Baker Thompson Associates; and LinkedIn extraordinaire Jennifer Corcoran from My Super Connector. This is set to be a SHOW-STOPPINGLY FABULOUS event and NOT TO BE MISSED. Get your ticket NOW




  • Girl Boss Lily Shippen announced the launch of The Power of the PA podcast, and we've got to say, we are already hooked more than we were after the first episode of Fleabag.

  • Jeremy Burrows is launching his new book - The Leader Assistant - which is hurtling into our open arms on 23rd June. If you can't wait quite that long, you can download some free chapters for a cheeky sneak preview. High Five, Jeremy!

  • The Manchester PA Awards has been sadly postponed until next year. We can't wait to see those lovely ladies back in all their glory and putting on one of the most epic awards ceremonies we have ever seen. 

  • C&C Recruitment launched The C&C Academy with a bunch of CPD Certified courses. If you are one of the fortunate people to find themselves with some spare time during lockdown, be sure to check them out.


From Around The World

Happy Lockdown Birthday to the FAB-U-LOUS Office Dynamics who hit the big 3-0 this month. We trust you enjoyed the now-traditional cake-over-zoom birthday party to which we have all become accustomed! 

The Admin Wrap Top Tech


  • If you're anything like the team here, you have no fewer than 84 Google Chrome tabs open at any one time. But did you know you can now group them? Hallelujah! Order is restored in the world. 

  • If you are currently living your best life through Zoom (or maybe your worst), you're going to want to read this blog on how to use it like a Pro. Space background, anyone?



With no end to lockdown in sight, events are all online for the time being. But that means you get incredible opportunities to see some speakers that you could only have dreamed of before this. Every cloud and all that...

The one and only Paula Harding is celebrating her 30th year at work.
Say whaaaaaat!!
She must have started working when she was 3


Just a Minute


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